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Stress Relief via CAB+ Mindfulness Meditation Method

Updated: Mar 1

Take a moment and learn how to gain stress relief via 

Meditation Online and Virtual Meditation through My Meditation App Website,, using CAB+ and other Mindfulness Methods.

Here is the Website link for Your convenience: 

The acronym CAB+ is as follows: C:Calm A:Aware B:Breathe +:Positive Outcome.

Experience Mindfulness techniques and thus 

manage stress relief and anxiety and build up Resilience.

Here is a preview: “Meditation: take a moment, in that moment of stress and routinely-remain Calm…”

Continue the experience via on-demand Subscriptions and Virtual Classes 

Video Preview included below in this post and also here is the YouTube link to Video Preview:

The problem is stress management 

 The opportunity is stress relief via stress management and resilience optimization through 

on-demand Meditation Subscriptions and Virtual Meditation Classes

through My Website,

for Your convenience and busy lifestyles, on-demand Meditation Subscriptions-

link provided below and then click Meditation Subscriptions

for live activity/access with Me, Dr. Suresh Paulus, the Physician Founder/Creator, of mindfulness meditation app,

Register for Virtual Meditation Classes at Website-link below and then click Virtual Classes

then Schedule at

Remember, take a moment, in that moment of stress and routinely-remain Calm

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